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Neomedia Technologies: Apple and Microsoft be interested?

A consortium formed by Microsoft and Apple might be interested in several patents for the company Neomedia (OTC:NEOM) suggest different people within the sector. It must be remembered that the company Neomedia technologies has more than 500 patents that could be valued according to some experts in more than $500MM. This reason could give an explanation to the strong increase in volume that leads the company in the last four days. This reason could assess the company Neomedia in more than $800MM.

About Neomedia Technologies
NeoMedia Technologies, Inc. (NeoMedia) utilizes the mobile phone by leveraging barcodes (printed symbols) as a mechanism to link brands, advertisers, carriers, retailers and consumers using the mobile Internet. With the barcode ecosystem technology, NeoMedia transforms mobile phones with cameras into barcode scanners, which provide instant access to mobile Web content whenever a barcode is scanned. NeoMedia provides the infrastructure to facilitate mobile barcode scanning and its associated commerce globally. The mobile barcode ecosystem software reads and transmits data from one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) barcodes to its intended destination. The code management and clearinghouse platforms create, connect, record, and transmit the transactions embedded in the barcodes. In order to provide mobile marketing solutions, NeoMedia also offers barcode scanning hardware that reads barcodes displayed on mobile phone screens.

Disclosure: I am long NEOM..

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